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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sushi Dito

Whenever we get tired of eating home cooked meals but too lazy to get out of the house we often order and have food delivered right at our doorstep. We are both fan of Sushis so we are very happy that Sushi Dito is now open and that we can have sushis and other Japanese food delivered at home whenever we have cravings.Sushi Dito is a Japanese restaurant that caters to Dine In, Take Out and Delivery. They are open from 10:30am-2:30pm,5:30pm-11:30pm Monday to Sunday. 

We were able to visit their opening last October 28 and tried their offerings.They have a wide array of Maki, Sashimis, Rice meals and other Japanese specialties. We specially love their Sesame Omelet with Prawns which is Shrimp with Japanese Mayo and Eel Sauce wrapped in Egg and topped with sesame seeds;

 their Spicy Salmon Roll; 

 and Egg Maki which has quail egg inside. 

Also recommended are their California Maki and Gyozas. We look forward to try their Dragon Rolls which has interesting plating because it is shaped like a dragon and their Rice Meals.

The owners, Federico, AJ and Nicolas.

For Japanese food cravings you may order online at their website(www.sushidito.com), call  (082)295333 (sun)09328552555 or visit them at Quirino Avenue(Besides Handuraw Cafe).


  1. The dragon rolls are also much better because there's much more meat (or veggies) than those in the other maki rolls. Mmm...

  2. I absolutely love their unagi Rolls :) Our burger shop is just a hop skip and a jump away from this location on Quirino, I hope you guys get the chance to stumble into Backyard Burgers just up the street. It would be great to know what you think. Let us know if you are coming so I can personally welcome you. Just ask for Rica :)

    1. Hi Thanks for dropping by our site! we've been meaning to visit your place and we're thrilled that you have a branch in quirino.hope we could visit there soon! :)