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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mam Bebs Bakeshop

This is our first post for the DFAT 2012 but this was not the first place we visited. Our posts will not be in chronological order and not in order of favorites or maybe it is *wink*.
We had our brunch on the 4th day at Mam Bebs. I used to have my lunch at Mam Bebs during my college days because it is located near our school. It was still using it's former name then, La Suerte Bakeshop. One might quickly assume that it is just your typical bakeshop or student eatery but it isn't. They serve really good food a very friendly price. 
On our DFAT tour we got to try their Glazed Chicken, Breaded Porkchop, Apple Pie, Potato Rolls and Palabok.
Mike and I really love their Palabok, we are declaring it the best in Davao City! It is very tasty and it was the first Palabok I tried which have Tofu in it which adds an interesting flavor.

The Potato Rolls was the perfect match for the Palabok. It is like ensaymada but it uses potato flour.

I found the Apple Pie to be a such a pleasant surprise. The pie crust was flaky and tender which what a pie crust should be. And the pie itself was the right mixture of apple and cinnamon. All in all, the apple pie was perfect that's why I ate two slices :) 

MAM BEBS Bakeshop and Refreshment Parlor
Location: CVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City
Contact Numbers: 082-227-8131, 082-301-8691

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