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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Kitchen ...not so Tiny anymore

We had snacks at Tiny Kitchen on our last day of DFAT. The Tiny Kitchen is still located along F. Torres St. but they transferred to a bigger place besides Rolando's, near Holiday Fitness Gymn. The place is more spacious but still maintained it's quaint and cozy appeal. We were served sandwiches, muffins and CAKES! And when I say CAKES....I mean we get to sample most if not all of the cakes that they make. 
love the hamon y queso which is perfectly complimented by the tea con yelo. No habla espanol? Well you will have a quick spanish lesson as their menu is mostly in spanish.
Hamon y queso
tea con yelo

Mike love the Tiny Kitchen Creation , a home made bottle of dried fish in Spicy Corn Oil and other variants (available in 3 flavors) paired with bread. It is perfect for pasta or as ulam with rice.

Lastly the CAKES, from among the many that we got to sample(which are all heavenly) our instant favorite's were the Frozen Choco Brazo ( is this still be considered a cake?);

and Marta's Fave.

We had our fill but we were left wanting for more of Tiny Kitchen. We love that we have a variety of choices for meals and desserts alike served in a homely ambiance.We haven't tried their most raved about Paella so we will definitely be back. 

Tiny Kitchen
Location:  F. Torres Street, Davao City
Contact Number: (082)305-9232

Facebook Page: Tiny Kitchen


  1. Saraaappp! Swerte kay naka apil ka sa DFAT Raine...

    Apila ko sa sunod ha.. Hehehe

    1. @Rovie: Sarap jud! you should sign up for next year :)

  2. We always have those tiny jars of creations at home. It's the best ulam-alternative. Haha!

    1. we also plan to buy the next time we visit....instant ulam...no need to cook :) thanks for dropping by

  3. The Tiny Kitchen Creation is quite unusual, but quite tasty and enjoyable way to have a bite. In my opinion, the taste of these desserts will appeal to many.