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Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome Home to Java Jive !

Java Jive opened last November 10 in Davao City. One might think that this is just another coffee shop but it's definitely not. It is a Jazz- & OPM-Music themed Bistro Cafe. It is the only coffee shop in town that plays live music or  wait...maybe it is  the only music bar in town that serves coffee. Sounds intriguing? Wait for more.
We were able to visit the place last Nov.18 for their food tasting with Davao Bloggers. We met with  Eng'r. Jarius Rosello who supervises the cafe. He passionately introduced us to who and what is Java Jive. "Java Jive is a product of a love for music , food, family, and a passionate Davaoeno spirit. Hence, in Java Jive, once can have a taste of traditional coffee, tea and soda mixes, all with a Davao Touch"

The design of the place is true to its music theme. It is contemporary and homey at the same time.  It has lots of interesting pieces such as the piano keys hanging from the ceiling. Java Jive's unique interiors are designed by Davao's own budding architects, Arch. Harold Delima and Arch. Donna Goingay.

We were then introduced to their menu or rather musical repertoire. We got to sample the famous coffee made from dung *wink* the Civet Coffee. It is a bit strong and bitter for a sweet tooth like me. I prefer it with milk and sugar.
We also tried the Choco Peppermint Sensation which is a perfect combination of chocolate and peppermint. The Salted Caramel Chill is what we were served next. It became a personal favorite because I love caramel. Lastly we tried their Blue Note Raspberry Soda which taste really good and a perfect quencher for the nibbles that we ate next. 
Sample Shots

Actual Serving Size/Containers
They serve sweet and savory "crust" which are mini pies with filling such as Tuna and Durian which we tried. These are great to pair with their beverages. We also got to try their Chocolate moist cake which is really soft, moist and chocolatey.

They really offer a variety of choices for their menu. You can always find something that can suit your mood and satisfy your cravings. They have rice meals if you need something more filling. They however don't served beer because as Jarius said music should be heard with a clear head. They are open 24/7 because a home never closes its doors.

Java Jive really broke the traditional coffee shop mold. They are unique with their branding and vision. They intend to open more branches soon in Davao and they are hopeful to also compete with other coffee shops in the country.

Eng'r Jarius (at Center) with the Davao Bloggers

Java Jive

1.18 Centron Bldg., Quirino Ave. Davao City
Contact No.: (082) 3212247

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  1. Gotta appreciate the eye for detail on the ceiling and overall ambiance. This is truly a cozy place to hangout or dine, but if they can improve on their food. Unfortunately, that is the thing which I believe could hold them back. If they can improve food quality, I think this business has a lot of potential.

    Check my full review on them here, if you'd want to read my thoughts: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2013/05/java-jive.html