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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Antonio's Love Story in 14 Dishes

As part of their Valentine's Promo, Antonio's Bar and Grill launches their 14 dishes. They decided to tell us a love story through these dishes. These dishes are all time Filipino Favorites from different parts of the country. Each individual dish is lovingly made by chefs of Antonio's chef and have a story of their own to tell.

1. Dinakdakan: Love is full of flavors. Sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy. Spicy Pork mascara blended with special ingredient & mayonnaise, vinegar & spices  This is our new favorite.

2. Bagnet : Love is addictive! One bite and you can't stop munching on these crunchy and thinly Sliced Crispy Fried Salted Pork Belly

3. Sisig Pusit: Love comes with a surprise. This is not your typical grilled squid because it is stuffed with Pork Sisig. A double whammy for us.
4. Sinigang Hipon: Love is mouth watering. With this dish you can't help but salivate. Tamarind Sour Soup with Shrimp and Vegetables is just the right sourness that makes one salivate.

5. Bulalo: Love comes with pressure and then pleasure. Beef bone marrow soup simmered to soften and then seasoned.

6. Pinaputok na Manok: Love is explosive with this deep fried seasoned chicken wrapped in banana leaves.Each bite of the chicken is really tasty with the herbs and spices that the chicken is cooked in.

7. Balbacua: Love  Stewed ox feet and skin cooked in Antonio’s special sauce.
8. Crispy Bangus sa Inadobong kangkong at gata: Fish and vegetable like love is good for your health. Crispy fried bangus topped with stewed kangkong and coconut milk.
9. Binagoongang Gulay: Love is a flavourful mix of assorted vegetables sautéed in fermented shrimp and stewed in coconut milk.
10. Crispy Pata: Love is a perfect combination of two flavors and textures... deep fried pork knuckles and soy– vinegar dip.
11. Inadobong Manok sa gata at sili:  Love makes something ordinary...extra-ordinary. Your regular chicken adobo made extra special with gata and silis.Chicken stewed in vinegar, garlic & soy sauce then Coconut milk with added chili fingers
12. Inihaw or Crispy Tuna belly : Love is tough on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside with this deep fried tuna belly. This is what we always order when we dine at Antonio's. 
13. Frozen Buko Pandan: Love can leave you speechless with this frozen version of buko pandan salad. A salad of buko meat, pandan gelatin and thick cream
14. Iced Tea Tower: Love is thirst quenching! The Nestea Iced Tea served in a convenient tower dispenser that makes it accessible and convenient to refill.

We were very fortunate to try all these dishes during their food tasting. After being sweetly tortured by all these sumptuous dishes we got to take home a Couple Shirt! Guess what, you can also do the same. Check our previous post about Antonio's February Promo.

Antonio's Bar and Grill Davao Branches

3rd Floor Roof Garden Abreeza

Ground Floor SM City Davao

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