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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Go Nuts Donuts Presents Cookie Butter Donut

I was really excited when I received an email from Go Nuts Donuts that they will let some bloggers try their latest creation...the Cookie Butter Donut! The Cookie Butter spread has created quite a stir in Manila but sadly it is not yet available in Davao so it is really good news that Go Nuts came up with this flavor. I counted the days since I received that email and May 8 finally came! I went to Go Nuts Donuts Abreeza Mall branch after work to get the donuts and saw fellow blogger Kathy also claiming her donuts. We were accommodated by Miss Macy who took this photo and we gleefully obliged of course.

Me and Kathy looking like we won first prize when we claimed our Donuts.Photo Credit Go Nuts Donuts IG.
As tempted as I was to eat the donuts right there and then, I restrained myself and had to wait till I got home and eat it together with my husband and son.

My son got impatient to try the Cookie Butter Donut as I took a long while taking photos.

Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donut is plain glazed donut topped with cookie butter spread which they themselves formulated. And the verdict....we LOVE  it except for my two year old son who actually prefers plain donuts such as the Amazing Glaze. Based on appearance it looks like Peanut Butter so I was expecting it to be sweet. When you take a bite you first taste the creaminess then a bit of sweetness and then comes the gingery kick. It is true as it claims, Spectacularly Scrumptious ! This is sold at P36 a piece or P285 for a dozen.

Go Nuts Abreeza and Gmall branches are now serving the Cookie Butter Donut so Dabawenyos go grab a bite now.


  1. Diba tam-is man kaayo ni sila'g donuts gang?


    1. ok ra baya gang, mas tam-is ang KK :-)

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