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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

K Twins Ilocos Empanada

I was reading a food blog about the Ilocos Empanada and felt really envious because it provided me with more reasons  to visit up North. Ilocos is definitely on our travel list not just because of the sand dunes, the windmills, historical landmarks and the beaches but because of the food. Last night, I saw a photo of an  Ilocos Empanada in Facebook. I learned that a food establishment called K Twins Empanada is serving authentic Ilocano empanada and other authentic Ilocano dishes right here in Davao. I was so happy that the following day I visited the place with my officemate and we had our lunch there. 

The place is located in Lupo Diaz St, Obrero. It is a simple and small eatery.

I observed the making of the Ilocos Empanada which is very different from the empanada I've tasted so far. It consists of Shreded Papaya,Mongo, Egg,Ilocos Longganiza wrapped in Rice Dough. It is made on the spot by the way. It is best eaten with Sukang Iloko.

I really love it! In fact, after the first visit I came back again with my husband who also love it. I am actually craving for it now so I might drop by again later *wink* It only cost P30 and is really filling, I can eat two of it as a meal.

We also got to try the Crispy Dinuguan which I also love because the innards are deep fried and the dugo is cooked very well. 

I got to chat a bit with the Owner and learned that they are originally from Laoag and they decided to serve Ilocos goodness here in Davao. I have yet to try their Bagnet and other items on the menu.

K Twins Ilocos Empanada

Location: 14 Sobrecarey street corner Lupo Diaz street, Barrio