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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outback Grill Food Adventure and More

We had always been curious to try dining at Outback Grill because the design of an airplane crashing through the roof of the resto have caught our attention ever since we saw it. We guess everybody who passes by Bacaca road never fails to notice it and also gets curious like us.
Photo Grabbed from Outback Grill Facebook Page

Well our curiosity was satisfied when we finally had a dinner early this year with a balikbayan friend. We were not able to document our food trip that time because we got caught up with our chat. What I do remember about that date though was the food was terrific and our balikbayan friends thoroughly enjoyed the fire dance and acoustic music.

Anyway we did get a chance to be back at Outback Grill and this time had an opportunity to properly document our food adventure when they invited some Davao Bloggers for a food tasting event.

They offer six Family Set Meals. We got to try their Family Set A (P1,299) which is already composed of 1 kilo of chuck wagon ribs, Kinilaw, Pork Sinigang, Chopsuey, Rice and a Pitcher or Coke. This is also what we ate during our first visit. This set is already good for up to six person and we really love the combination of food because it is properly balanced with pork, fish and vegetables. 

Another Family set is Family Set C (P1129) which have a similar combination with A except that the Ribs is replaced by their Outback Chicken Tower. This tower not only looks appealing but also taste really good. This is one tower that we would not hesitate to tear down.

Another part of the set that we got to try is the Zoofari Bounty (Left) which is composed of  Tiger Prawns, Bangus, Squid and Pork Liempo and Bulalo (Right). This is part of Family Set F (P1,379) together with Kinilaw, Chopsuey, Rice and a Pitcher of Coke.

All the items on their Family Set is also sold separately. 

One memorable dish that we tried is their Pancit Buko (P220) which is not part of any set. It is our first time to try this dish and it is sweet and flavorful. It is sauted young coconut (buko), mixed seafood and mixed vegetables in oyster sauce and served in a Buko shell.

They also offer affordable meals they call Zoolit Meals with unlimited rice and cucumber salsa with price range from P99 to P149. We got to try the BFF Combo of Chicken and Pork Barecue (P115) and Pork Belly (P99).

And for desserts (just kidding) we had a Goliath Burger which can feed up to 8 persons. It is a really savory burger with 100% Australian Beef. 

Outback Grill offers variety of food choices at different price ranges that you will always find food that will satisfy both your appetite and budget This is one resto that we always recommend to our friends not just because of the food but because of the over all dining experience with the prompt service, attentive staff, nice ambiance and entertainment (fire dance and live music).

Outback Grill
Location: Bacaca Road, Besides Zoofari and In front of Ladislawa Bacaca Exit, Davao City
Tel No.: (082) 226-2909
Facebook Page: Outback Grill
Opening Hours: 5:00pm - 12:00pm

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