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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vikings Luxury Buffet: Truly a feast from the sea!

There have been so much hype especially  on the social media about the newly opened Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Lanang Premier. The day has come when we had a chance to finally experience it for ourselves. We have set very high expectations about Vikings as it claims to be the grandest buffet in the country. Together with our family and fellow bloggers we went there last week. It is strategically located at the Fountain Court of SM Lanang Premier, you won't miss it as they occupy a very large space!

Once we entered the place we notice it's contemporary Filipino interiors. The center of it is a column which looks something from a Sci-Fi movie but if you closely examine you will see indigenous materials being used.

We felt overwhelmed at the grandness of it all and confronted with soooo maaany choices! We were a bit lost where to start and since we were seated near their large Salad Bar, most of us started there.
There are seven stations which features dishes from around the world  including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and more. It offers around 200 dishes and let us tell you that no matter how big an appetite you have, it is IMPOSSIBLE to taste all of it. They also have a drink station which offers unlimited soft drinks, juice, iced teas, coffee, hot teas and since it is Oktoberfest, San Miguel Beer Products!

I (Raine) started off with the Japanese station because I've been craving for makis. I know that I should avoid eating too much maki because I am pregnant (they say eating raw is not advisable) but I can't help it! There are so many choices and many variants that I saw for the first time.

This is my Japanese plate which consisted of Kani Salad and various Makis. I can't pick a favorite as they were all really good.

After my Japanese experience, I was already full but I wanted to try the Chinese station which is loaded with hot and steaming dumplings and other Chinese delicacies.

My Chinese plate with hakaw, siomai and  other various dumplings.

After finishing this one off, I was really2x full so I just surveyed the place and readied my tummy for desserts!

There are various choices for desserts from Native Filipino Kakanins to Ice Creams, Fresh Fruits, Taho, Cakes, Chocolate Fountain and so much more. I chose these.

 And I also tried the Make Your Own Crepe Station and chose Mango and Blueberry Crepe which I topped with Ice Cream. Yum!

I know I haven't been a good foodie this time as I failed to remember the names of the food I devoured. All I can say and to which my husband and family concur is that our very high expectations was surely met and even exceeded. For the price of P788 (plus 5% service charge) you will really get your money's worth. We will definitely be back to eat again like a Viking!


Location: Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier
Contact Numbers: (082) 285-3888 and (082)) 285-4888

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