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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

We are really proud and glad that despite the invasion of food franchises from all over the Philippines, local entrepreneurs are not left behind. Some open new restos while others reinvents themselves, take Blue Post for example.

Blue Post is a known dining and recreation destination here in Davao City. It is a popular place to hang out for residents and workers in the Lanang and Bajada area with its pool table and videoke rooms. Tomorrow, December 8, it will open with a new brand concept, Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. The owners, Anthony and Jen Ang (also owners of Antonio's)  while on vacation in US got inspired to introduce to Davao the Boiling Crab concept.

Blue Post will serve these fresh succulent seafood goodness  in a food grade boiling bag which is mixed with their very own irrepressible creation of Cajun Special Sauce(CSS) tempered to the diner’s tolerance-  REGULAR, MILD OR SCREAMING SPICY HOT!  This is then boiled together in the bag and served steaming hot into the table.  

It is not your usual dinner table as the boiling bag will be dumped into the table (covered in wax paper) and diners will do away with the spoon and fork but instead use their hands. It is like "boodle eating" and your typical Filipino "kamay-kainan" or "kinamot" and it will really be a fun finger licking mess!

 Here's the food that we feasted on during their media food tasting:
We were served first with Garlic Chicken Wings as an appetizer. It was the perfect teaser of what's to come ahead.
Garlic Chicken Wings

Next was the Boiled Shriump in Cajun Sauce served with sausage, corn and potato. You can choose any or all of these add on. You can also choose the spiciness of the Cajun sauce whether Regular, Mild or Hot & Spicy. We were served with the Mild Cajun sauce but when we took our first bite we really found it so spicy that we wondered if we were served the Hot & Spicy. But that's the kick of the Cajun Sauce, as you take more bite you get accustomed to it's spiciness that we learned to love it and even poured it over our rice.

Boiled Shrimp in Cajun Sauce

We love crab even when it is just boiled but the Fried Garlic Crab that they served is simply delicious! It is fried to perfection and you can't help savor every bit even the crunchy garlic.
Fried Garlic Crab

 The Fried Garlic Tuna is similar to Antonio's which is also one of our favorites but this time it got overshadowed by the shrimps and crabs.
Fried Garlic Tuna
 Hot and spicy mussels or Tahong was also served in a boiling bag with sausage, corn and potato and in Mild Cajun Sauce. I preferred the Shrimps and Crabs while Mike likes this one very much.
Hot & Spicy Mussels
Lastly, we were served with Halo-Halo, again similar to Antonio's where the ice melts in your mouth and you don't need any ice cream. It was a perfect cool down after such a hot and spicy dinner.

 Left Photo shows the bloggers with our bibs and refillable drinks and Right photo shows the aftermath.

We highly recommend this place to everybody. You may choose to have the seafoods solo or mixed and have it cooked boiled or fried. It is a perfect place for friends and families to bond while feasting on succulent and fresh seafoods.


J.P. Laurel Ave. Bajada, Davao City
Tel. Nos. (082) 221-8360
Email Add: blueposts@aagroup.com.ph


  1. Replies
    1. Hi price range is at P500 and up already good for 2 persons and up. it will depend on the kilo of the crab, shrimp and mussels :-)

  2. How about price ranges?

    1. Hi price range is at P500 and up already good for 2 persons and up. it will depend on the kilo of the crab, shrimp and mussels :-)

  3. is it delicious?