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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sushi Dito, Klasikos and Il Forno: A 3-in-1 Dining Experience

Sushi Dito, a well known local Japanese resto, recently opened in J.P. Laurel Ave. (Bajada) at Hai Global Building (in front of Landco). And it's not just that, they opened alongside two other restos, Klasikos and Il Forno .

Klasikos will be offering the greatest from traditional Filipino foods. Il Forno on the other hand will serve authentic wood fired brick oven made pizzas and fresh home made pastas. And of course Sushi Dito serves us with sushi and other Japanese delicacies. So that's a triple dining treat from Filipino to Italian and Japanese! They have a common dining area thus every customer can order from any of the three restos.  There is no division between the three restos but you can still see the distinction between the three as each is decorated according to it's theme from the walls to the chairs and tables. 

Some bloggers were invited to try out their specialties and it was such a feast! It is such a unique experience to eat sushi alongside pizza and sinigang!

Here are some of the dishes we tried. 

From Sushi Dito:

Yamata No Orochi which literally translates to eight branched giant snake is a skillfully presented combination of Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Miami Roll, California Maki, Salmon Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri and Orange Dragon.
Yamata No Orochi
Chicken Gyoza is a savory dumpling with chicken stuffed inside.
Chicken Gyoza

From Klasikos:

Creamy Pork Steak is a creamy take on the classic lechon kawali which is topped with bechamel sauce.
Creamy Pork Steak
  Kinilaw an all time Filipino favorite is artfully presented.

Seafood Bicol Express is the Bicolano specialty with variety of seafoods including squid, tahong, shrimps, fish and etc.
Seafood Bicol Express

From Il Forno:

Selvatici Pizza is a combination of alfredo sauce, mushtoom, tomato, mozarella cheese and parmesan.
Selvatici (Photo Courtesy: www.itswhereyouat.com)
Spaghetti Vongole is sauteed fresh clams with olive oil and tomato.
Spaghetti Vongole (Photo Courtesy: www.itswhereyouat.com)

We liked everything we sampled especially the dishes from Sushi Dito. It is such a novel experience to eat dishes from three different cultures. They also offer catering and delivery.

Sushi Dito, Klasikos and Il Forno 

Location: Ground Floor of Hai Global Building (in front of Landco Building) JP Laurel Ave. Davao City
E-mail: orders@sushiito.com
Contact Nos. (+63) 0932-855-2555 (mobile) or (082) 285-8168 (landline)
Store hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:30 am to 10:30 pm

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