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Friday, January 17, 2014

Café Asia Dimsum House

Just when you thought you've had your fill of the dimsum houses in Davao, a new place opens up and challenges your dimsum dining experience.  Café Asia Dimsum House opened up mid last year at Metrolifestyle Complex in corners Torres and Jacinto Extension St. The place boast of modern interiors mainly in warm orange color. The place is well lit and very inviting. And the food is affordable and delicious! I've been to almost all of the dimsum places in the city but Cafe Asia has something new to offer.
Take their Fried seafood roll (P245) for instance, this is one of my favorite food which I always order when we dine at Chinese restos but I can declare that Cafe Asia has the best fried seafood roll. And it's all because of an additional ingredient which is Mango.
Another starters that they offer is the Fried Shrimp Roll  (P155) which I also love.
We  visited the place the place with fellow bloggers and they served us a feast. We were served with  two hot steaming soup, the Seafood Spinach Soup (P170) and Watchay with Asparagus and Quial Egg Soup (P105) which I both equally like.

As expected in any Chinese restaurant they also serve popular Chinese dishes such as the Yangchow Fried Rice (P195), Chopsuey (P160), Cream Dory Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce (P155)t and Salt and Pepper Pork Spareribs (P145) 

 and of course the dimsum platter.

For dessert they served us Buko Pandan with vanilla ice cream (P70).

Our dining experience was very much satisfactory. This is one place that I would never fail to visit again because it serves good food at a reasonable price.

Photo Credits to Mommy Vernz, Thank you very much!

Café Asia Dimsum House

Metro Lifestyle Complex
F. Torrest St., Corner E. Jacinto Ext., Davao City
Tel # (082) 300 5245
Facebook : Café Asia Dimsum House
Store Hours:Mondays to Sundays 10am-2pm ,5pm-10pm

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