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Friday, July 31, 2015

Street Food of the World at Vikings Luxury Buffet

Every time that we have an opportunity to travel we would also explore the dishes that the place has to offer. In this way we can have a complete experience of the place by getting a taste (literally!) of their culture. Food is an important part of any culture thus you would learn a lot about the people through their food like how they prefer it, salty or sweet, the ingredients that they use and how they present it. Street food of any place would be the easiest way to experience food as it is readily available and accessible in any busy corner.

Viking's Luxury Buffet recognizes the value of street foods and the story each food has to tell that is why starting this August they would be offering a variety of these food from around the globe.

Let's start with Suppli from Italy. This tasty Italian snack and may look complicated but is quite easy to prepare as it consist of ball of rice, tomato sauce, raw egg and filled with chicken giblets, mince meat and cheese. Then it is coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.

Suppli (Italy)

Pork Satay from Indonesia is similar to our barbecue as it is simply meat skewered and grilled but the major difference is the sauce. They use mainly peanut and other spicy seasonings which makes the dish as a whole so flavorful .

Pork Satay (Indonesia)

Durum from Turkey is a savory wrap which consist of seasoned meat, tomato, onion , pickled cucumber and chili and served with kebab garlic sauce.

Durum (Turkey)

Gyoza from Japan is quite a familiar food to us as there are many Japanese restos open now. These are dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough.

Gyoza (Japan)
Last stop is France with this mouth watering Crepe which is made from a very thin pancake filled with different fillings such as fruits and cream.

Crepe (France)

So for those who wants to get a bite of the world in just one venue then check the Street Food at Vikings this August. This will be available every dinner on weekdays and lunch/dinner on weekends for the whole month of August.


Location: Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier
Contact Numbers: (082) 285-3888 and (082)) 285-4888

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